Things to do in Arizona for schools.

We offer a Teacher Summer Field Experience for small groups of teachers to be immersed in astronomy at Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory, that along with a night sky guide you will be learning the night sky and learning software used to show the sky and operate the 36-inch telescope and spend night observing the Universe to then pass that on in your classrooms knowing the students are getting current information and you can more informatively answer their questions.

Contact Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory.

Teachers will find extremely useful unlike any other summer field experience.

Programs are two and three-day experiences.

Sleeping accommodations are onsite in a rustic but nice 10'x14' camping tent (not quite Glamping, but nice) with local dining options available for dinner. Discussions are more than just space but space and time, from when stars formed to how our location changed from a shallow sea millions of years ago to 7000 feet elevation with shell fossils to find, to recent time with American Indians on this land.

Contact us for prices, discounted for teachers as we are an educational resource.

This could be you looking in the telescope....jpg