Friends Of The Observatory

Friends Of The Observatory is Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory's member-based volunteer support organization and currently membership doesn't cost you anything beyond your purchases, making it easy for you to see what we are doing, updates on programs, and highlights on new products or programs.

We introduce astronomy and the wonders of the Universe to everyone who visits, using the largest public observing telescope in the Southwest US. Even if you have been in astronomy for years - looking through such a large telescope under such dark skies is like seeing -everything- for the first time. For those new to astronomy and viewing "Wow..." is an understatement..

Visitors leave with a sense of awe of the Universe and a smile, and to keep the smiles coming any purchases you make; whether it is buying tickets to a Solar program, Couple's Night Sky Photography Workshop, an Observing Night, any item on our booking calendar, or, purchasing nebula filters or any other items we sell, the total purchase amount accumulates towards an eventual free Observing night!! Every $100 in purchases earns you $10 in Rewards Points, so soon your purchases you have earned a free Observing Night at the Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory in Overgaard, Arizona

If you, or someone you know, is interested in telescopes and astronomy, and you are looking for a great Birthday or Christmas gift, please consider bringing them to an Observing Night or other program at Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory and check out our sale on nebula filters for visual observing and other astronomy items.