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The Best Digital Images Have The Dust And Vignetting Shadows Removed.


The Flat-Field Illumination Panel Up To 5-inch Scope.

Using your AS Research Flat-Field Illumination Panel, seen above in the Off and On state, generates a gentle glow that will allow you to extract all the fine detail in your images taken through the telescope by removing vignetting, the shadows darkening the corners of the CCD camera chip and enjoy it even more knowing your Flat-Field Illumination Panel purchase from A-S Research helped fund educational programs. Why use the ever-changing twilight sky that will still have a gradient (and cause a gradient in your image)? Don't! The electroluminescent panel from AS Research will make getting your Flat Field images a snap.

Telescopes illuminate a circular area in the focuser where the camera's square or rectangular CCD chip is placed and critically focused. If the camera chip is large the corners of the chip are not fully illuminated by the telescope and this shadowing, called 'vignetting', will cause a gradient getting darker and darker towards the corners. We don't use LED edge-lit panels which are non-uniform illumination surfaces because that adds a gradient you can't remove, but instead we use the preferred EL panel technology. Using our quality Flat-Field Illumination Panel with uniform illumination allows you to take images which capture this gradient caused by shadows in the telescope and then in post-processing you will be able to remove the gradient thereby releasing the full potential of your night sky image!

If a uniform illumination source for Flat-Field is required, then using AS Research Flat-Field Illumination Panel will work for you. If space in the observatory is limited, and you are currently using a box illumination source, lose the box! The AS Research Flat-Field Illumination Panel can hang on the wall and you program your telescope to tell it where it is when it is time for Flat-Field frames.


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Flat-Field Illumination Panels For Scopes Up To 11-inches And Up To 20-inches!

Flat-Field Panel Sizes

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