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Low Power Visual Observing With Quality Binoculars.

AS Research Binoculars; 10x50mm and 20x80mm!

Fully Multi-broadband Coated, BaK4 glass, made for astronomy.

Point and look, no frustration with narrow fields of view.

When asked "What is a good telescope for me?" For someone new to astronomy the answer may be "Binoculars."

10x50mm and 20x80mm Binoculars.jpg
20x80mm Binoculars.jpg


Magnification: 20x

Objective diameter: 80mm

Eyepiece: 25mm

Eye relief: 17mm

Field angle 3.6-Degree

Fully Multi-broadband Coated

BaK4 Glass

20x80mm Binoculars

10x50mm Binoculars.jpg


Magnification: 10x

Objective diameter: 50mm

Eyepiece: 20mm

Eye relief: 17.8mm

Field angle 7-Degree

Fully Multi-broadband Coated

BaK4 Glass


Here are reviews by actual users of the AS Research binoculars.

AS Research 10x50mm by "J.K."

"Apache-Sitgreaves Research binoculars: not just for astronomical research. Here, we've been looking at beluga whales surfacing near Anchorage."

Coming soon!

AS Research Binoculars for Birding and Hiking!

Multicoated lenses

BaK4 glass

Binocular Sizes